Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a conglomerate phenomenon. The stretch of the digital marketplace within the last five years have been engrose. Maximizing your digital marketing strategy to get global customers has never been such a necessary business need. it's revolutionized the way business is finished and produced a myriad of opportunities to the world marketplace.

Digital marketing mapping includes several stages like;
  • Evaluation: A transparent understanding of your products and services together with in-depth research, that are going to be done about your competitors, goals, focus market and more.
  • Design Concept: Our creative design team will produce latest and complex design concepts that may portray the quintessence of your trade to draw in your focused or determined set of audience.
  • Development: At this stage, more work is going to be done on the designs by making the necessary changes of the new concept.
  • Delivery: We will examine the art work with various formats and assess all the printing needs.
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Management

    Branding is the most notable aspect to reinforce your online presence and market visibility. The most purpose of branding is to balance and manage the regularity in exhibiting different media equipment. It builds faithfulness and also the reliability factor among the clients. It's important to develop the people who correlate with various products and services of your organization. It is mandatory to reinforce the services, products, credibility, visibility and presence of your company. From logo designing to brochure designing, emailing presentations to corporate presentations, we offer everything to fulfill your dreams and convert them into actions.

    Digital Media Solutions

    Online media planning and buying digital media is often transforming - thanks to several factors such as invention of latest media platforms, sophisticated and latest technology, change from conventional analog procedure to cybernated and plan focused, harmonize planned activity utilizing digital media.

    The new era of Digital Media incorporates a planned approach to integrated cross-platform marketing, wide expertise of latest media platforms and efficient media buying strategy. These must be assisted as a road map for media placement, cross-channel ingenious development and media research.

    SEO Program

    Do you have a powerful content structure for your website? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of an internet site in a very search engine's natural search results. Search engines crawl your website, assess the content on your website and accordingly index your web content in their database.

    When a user searches for a term, it pulls out the websites (web pages) from the database within the order of relevancy. Basically, the search engines want to assist the users with the most relevant and popular content. The online pages that are on the highest of the list are generally visited by the user. In fact, it also depends on the kind and wish of the user.

    We at Paradigm have learned the fundamentals of search engines that we follow standard procedures to optimize an internet site for indexing for the chosen keywords. The method starts with analyzing the website's content structure. We structure all possible content elements into meaningful groups, brainstorm for the keywords and prepare a listing of all possible keywords. Then, we use the keyword suggestion tools to test the terms mostly utilized by the users and update the keywords list.

    Once the keyword structure is finalized, we start writing the content and then optimizing it to keep up the specified density of the keyword. Throughout the method, we keep that in mind that we don't lose the relevancy of the content for the user even after we optimize for the computer program. Users come to us before going to the search engines. We believe that once we optimize the content and provide an excellent experience to the user, the search engines will automatically give value to the content.

    We also ensure that the interior linking and meta tags for the online pages are properly set to create each page completely optimized. Once the website is constructed with all the specified elements, we thoroughly check the code of the website to make sure that it is validated. We all know that search engines don't like crappy code!

    Social Media Management

    Are you on Facebook? Silly question right? Probably we should always ask - who is not on Facebook! Statistics show that the usage of social media for business promotion is increasing year by year because the businesses are becoming to understand the worth of this medium. It shows that around 55% of the consumers share their purchases on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. As per the reports, Facebook is the most used and favorite social marketing tool for brands at 83%, followed by Twitter.

    It is very clear from these statistics that your presence on these social networks may be a mandatory thing now, if you wish to sustain within the business. People expect the companies to have interaction with them, being ready to make their purchase decisions. Many folks want to show to the company's social account for customer service nowadays because they need a quicker response for his or her query.

    Brands must provide interesting content about their services, products, offers, and other activities to draw people’s attention and make them involved within the conversation. This needs a transparent strategy and a continuing content generation, propagation, curation and engagement.

    We have an honest flair of managing social media for brands. We can also make a social media strategy for your brand and manage it well to induce the utmost exposure to your brand from the social networks.

    Display Advertising

    Display advertising has more impact on the user as there are ads using images, flash, and video. you'll either intercommunicate a network of display advertisements or contact individual sites to put your advertisements. Placing such things through the network will offer you the broader choice of web properties to settle on from.

    The net display advertising market is currently dominated by Facebook, Google and Yahoo. With our vast experience of managing the display advertising, we are able to help you to get the utmost ROI you spend on the display advertising. Our creative team prepares excellent advertisements for the message along with your brand guidelines and our advertising team will set-up the mandatory ads with relevant targets. We will also provide you all the necessary insights supporting the analytics to test the effectiveness of your campaigns.

    Mobile Marketing

    Can you imagine yourself without your mobile in today’s world? Statistics say that the mobile revolution has changed the way people are consuming the knowledge, shopping and getting the contextual help. This revolution has given the marketers new opportunities to achieve customers in additional creative ways. Smarter marketing people are now keeping the mobile at the center of their marketing strategies

    Marketing with the mobile needs the marketers who know the background technology and app development. Paradigm360 is well-equipped with all the tools and processes to define various techniques for your mobile marketing and execute the same to satisfy your marketing objectives.

    Paradigm Methodology

    There's a METHOD to Our Magic! While your brand’s game plan and execution are completely custom-made, we support you with the methodized process.


    Let the digging begin… You came to us with an objective. Understanding that objective and your field is our first step. What causes you to tick? What differentiates you from your competition? We speak with key stakeholders throughout your organization to induce the big-picture, explore your operation very well, and analyze everything your competitors do — both right and wrong!


    Always exible, always evolving… Next, we strategize the most effective ways to satisfy your specific business goals. We review and debate along with you to confirm we’re aligned in our thinking. Then we build a solid plan for execution. We see this scenario as a living, breathing road map that we adjust and revise supported our concerted learning.


    Bringing big ideas to life… Strategy without skilled execution is simply wishful thinking! From developing the correct keywords, to crafting strong messaging, to spearheading best-in-class design and production - we manage all the main points to confirm an on-time, on-budget campaign that engages your audience and drives response.


    Making ourselves accountable… We attempt to create everything measurable, so you mostly know exactly how we’re performing. We make sure that customized key performance indicators are developed for your business and schedule regular meetings with you to ascertain and review all results.


    There’s nothing that can stop us now… We never rest on past triumph. Once a campaign or program launches, the optimization might be a critical step. We specialize in analyzing results and we are constantly tweaking to do that even more. Our mantra is often to keep testing as there is constantly a challenger to the champion.