Strong trade and investment make Singapore the most competitive Asian country and the world's easiest place to do business. Factors such as strategic location, a competitive workforce, pro-business environment, and forward looking economic policies have enabled Singapore to be the world's gateway to Asia.

Singapore has a pivotal role to play in the global economy as a Epicentre of business. It is a global-hub, with open business policies, skilled workforce, English being main working language, best infrastructure in the world and respect for Intellectual property rights. Business owner regard Singapore as an ideal location to grow their business to emerging Asian markets. Singapore Port is one of the busiest port in the world. Everything aside, you benefit from Singapore’s wide network of trade agreements (FTA) with various countries and regions. For more information please visit


It is attractive to Foreign firms, because its social fabric consists of mix of Asian, European and Americal influence. Since it was a British colony, its legal and financial structures bear a close resemblance to UK and US. Majority of International banks, multinational companies and financial institutions from all over the world have their branches in Singapore. It is also called “Lion City”due to its strong currency and infrastructure which makes it very attractive and best place to set up a Company.