Five Things to Check Before Moving to Another Country

Moving to a new country brings new opportunities and unique experiences. However, as exciting the prospects of a new life are, it can also feel equally daunting. It is a phase of life where you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Leaving behind the space which is familiar to you, away from family and friends, and starting a new life may get overwhelming. But worry not! There are multiple ways that can make this transition feel smooth, and you can prepare yourself for the exciting journey ahead.  


Here are 5 things you should check before moving to a new country. 


    1. Visa Regulations 


One of the basic but most significant requirements you need to take care of before moving to a new country is sorting out the visas. Figure out what permits you will need for your move and get them sorted a few months in advance. Don’t wait for the last minute, as that will be very stressful for you. Of course, your university or your employer may assist you with all this, but it always helps to be prepared and have all the documents ready.


Also, your visa work does not end at getting your visa stamped in your passport. Depending on the country you’re moving to, the purpose and length of your stay, there will be paperwork that will have to be completed once you arrive at your new destination. Read up on all the procedures that you will have to follow, enlist all the documents you will need for the same, and find the location and contact details of the authorities and workplaces you will need to visit to complete the documentation.


    2. Housing 


The next thing on this list is finding a place to live. If the purpose of your move is to study, then contact university administration. Usually, universities have campus/hostel accommodations for international students. Don’t worry if rooms are not available on campus. You will always be able to find other student hostels or student lodges within your city. Most hostels offer all the basic necessities, which will make your initial year in the new city hassle-free. 


If you are shifting because of work, ask the company to assist you. If not, then the best way to go about it would be to book an Airbnb or a budget hotel for the first couple of weeks of your arrival. Keep a list ready of all the available rooms/apartments which interest you through the multiple real estate websites available online. It is best to see the places first hand before booking it. You definitely don’t want to get scammed and find yourself without a roof in a new place!


    3. Research Your Destination 


You’re moving to a new country! A new country means new culture, new rules, new norms, new climate! You don’t want to feel lost in all the newness. Immerse yourself in the information. Make sure you know what to expect in terms of work availability and work culture, the weather, the social environment, the laws and regulations, the language, everything. Figure out the transport systems. See if there are any transport passes available. 


Fortunately, we live in the times where access to any information is only a click away. The more knowledge you will have about the new place, the better prepared you will be when you arrive. Make yourself feel like a familiar person with the site as possible for a stress-free transition. 


    4. Healthcare and Insurance


Every country has its own healthcare system in place, and you must understand its basic guidelines and how it functions. Get medical insurance, which will ensure that you are financially covered in case of injury or illness. We would recommend you have a plan which will give you the freedom to choose any hospital with 24-hour assistance. Apart from that, take a look at the list of immunizations that are recommended for each country. Get yourself vaccinated. And yes, don’t forget to stock up on any medication you might need and always keep your prescriptions with you. 


    5. Budget Your Finances


If you’re moving to a new country, then you must have saved up some money already. I would recommend you do a budget to figure out how much you will need and how much you will be spending when you first arrive. While you’re researching your destination, you will be able to figure what the approximate cost of living will be. A good practice would be to save up enough to cover three months of expenses.


The Bottom Line


These are some of the things you can take into consideration before moving to a new country. Preparing yourself adequately for such a change will make sure a certain sense of familiarity with the place sets in, and you don’t feel engulfed by the anxiety of the newness of a place. Of course, this does not mean you go into a frenzy of over-preparing yourself. The joy of discovering and learning new things with experience is what makes moving to a place exciting and fun. So, we don’t have to take the fun away from it either. Just stay aware and be safe. All the best for the adventure ahead!